Things in a stationery shop - Intermediate

When you go to stationery shop in the UK, you will see many familiar things. But do you know the right names for them. Here are ten common items.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. Lined / unlined paper
  2. Ring binders
  3. Post-it notes
  4. A hole punch
  5. Ink-jet cartridges
  6. Highlighter pens
  7. Liquid paper / correction fluid
  8. Sellotape
  9. Marker pens
  10. Drawing pins
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. In 1, 'lined' paper is writing paper that has lines on it and 'unlined' paper has no lines on it.
  2. In 2, 'ring binders' are special folders that you can put many sheets of paper into. They have two metal rings that go through the holes in the left side of the paper.
  3. In 3, 'post-it notes' are small square pieces of paper that have a sticky end on one side. You can stick them on a wall or a desk to remind you to do something.
  4. In 4, a 'hole punch' is a tool that makes two holes in a piece of paper so that you can keep it in a ring binder (see 2).
  5. In 5, 'ink-jet cartridges' a small plastic containers with coloured ink inside. They go inside computer printers.
  6. In 6, 'highlighter pens' are special pens that you can use to make an area of paper bright yellow, orange or green. We use them to make important pieces of text easier to see.
  7. In 7, 'liquid paper' is a white coloured liquid that we can paint over a mistake in our writing. After 5 minutes, we can write over it again.
  8. In 8, 'sellotape' is a clear plastic tape t

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