Cambridge English Exam Courses

Would you like a qualification that is recognised worldwide? At International House Bristol we can help you achieve this. Thousands of educational organisations, government agencies and immigration authorities throughout the world recognise Cambridge English Exam courses as proof of language ability. We offer English courses for Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, CPE.

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Cambridge English Exam -10 week Course - including exam fee  

The ten week Cambridge English Exam course runs several times a year to cooincide with the Cambridge English exam dates.

Cambridge English Intensive - 4 Week Summer Course - including exam fee

The four week Cambridge English Intensive Exam course run once a year in July/August 

2018 dates: 30th July - 24th August

Course aims

Both the 10 week and 4 week courses help students improve all their skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), review and strengthen their grammatical knowledge and improve their vocabulary with lexis and structures relevant to their exam. We aim to maximise your chance of passing the exam and achieve as high a grade as possible. There is an emphasis on the exam strategies we believe students should employ in order to do this, focusing on exam practice tasks to help you become very familiar with the format of the exam. The price of the exam is also included in the course fees

20 morning classes (45 minutes each)

8 afternoon classes (45 minutes each)

12 students maximum

Minimum of two teachers on each course

Practice tests with feedback

Cambridge English Exam fee included

For more information about the dates and prices, please click here.

If you wish to enrol on a Cambridge Exam English course, please call us today on +44 (0)117 909 0911 or apply now

We prepare our English students for Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE and CPE (proficiency) exams*.

It was a big pleasure being here and getting prepared for my CPE exams.

Nadine Graf, Switzerland

In addition to General English classes in the morning, you have 10 Cambridge Exam classes in the afternoon.

These classes will help you to:

 ‒ Practise the different tasks you have to do for each part of the exam

 ‒ Learn personal strategies to do the task more effectively

 ‒ Organise your learning

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Syllabus content and focus

There is a separate syllabus for the Cambridge Exam English courses. These focus on:

  • Key topics that are often in the exams
  • The different writing tasks in the various Cambridge Exams
  • Regular practice of reading, speaking and listening
  • The most useful grammar, vocabulary and functional language for tasks you are required to do in the exam

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Cambridge Exam English course timetable

The content and focus of our Cambridge classes are as follows:

Class Time Focus
Morning class 1 9.00am ‒ 9.45am General English ‒ coursebook class
Morning class 2 9.50am ‒ 10.35am General English ‒ coursebook class
Morning class 3 10.55am ‒ 11.40am General English ‒ grammar and vocabulary
Morning class 4 11.45am ‒ 12.30am General English ‒ grammar and vocabulary
Afternoon class 5 13:30 - 14:15 We use one main coursebook and a number of other materials to help you practise the tasks and prepare effectively.
Afternoon class 6 14:20 -15:05 We use one main coursebook and a number of other materials to help you practise the tasks and prepare effectively.


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Free extras

As part of a Cambridge Exam English course, we'll also give you:

The classes of FCE were perfect

Tatiana Andreeva, Russia 

 ‒ Free coursebooks for both morning and afternoon classes 

 ‒ An extra complete practice speaking test with you when your exam date approaches 

 ‒ Other practice exams and other Cambridge Exam resources you can use in the study room between 4pm and 6pm, Monday to Thursday. You can also ask the tutor there for help with homework or anything connected with Cambridge Exams

 ‒ Regular help with pronunciation

 ‒ Suggestions about how to learn more effectively

 ‒ Study room time with a tutor for two hours every afternoon after classes from Monday to Thursday; you can use our huge range of resources or our tutor can help you do your homework, explain English grammar and vocabulary  you find difficult or give you advice about improving your English 

 ‒ Access to our weekly conversation club on Fridays to practise your English with other students and teachers

*Minimum numbers apply

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Dates & prices

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