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Which English teacher training course is right for you?

English Teacher Training with Trainees in Class attending a CELTA Course


  • Cambridge CELTA

    Taking a CELTA course is the first step on an adventure that can take anywhere in the world and one which allows you to change lives. Becoming a teaching of English means you will be able to give people the gift of communication and ways to better themselves and further their careers.  Our four-week (five weeks for the online version) intensive CELTA courses are a truly life-changing experience. Find out more.


  • CELTA Introductory course

    Find out if teaching Englsih as a foreign language is the career for you and gain some useful skills.  Our two-day course gives you a taste of what TEFL is all about, allowing you to observe qualified teachers teaching real students and to learn some of the techniques needed to become a successful teacher.  And if you then go on to do the full CELTA, you will get a discount on the cost. Find out more.


  • Foreign Teachers of English

    Our two-week intensive Foreign Teachers of English (FTE) course enables teachers who already have some experience to gain greater in-depth knowledge of the job and discover the latest teaching techniques. It is also an opportunity to rediscover your passion for teaching while refreshing your own English language skills.  Meeting and working with teachers of English from other countries means you benefit from a wide range of approaches and direct access to new ideas and methodologies, as part of the course and from interacting with your classmates. Find out more.


  • Shadow a teacher

    This is a particularly good way of getting first-hand experience of life in the classroom. Come and sit in on a real class and watch everything the teacher does.  Get an idea of how it feels to be part of something positive where stduents are gaining skills which will transform their lives. Find out more. Find out more.


International House Bristol is an experienced teacher training centre. When you study with us, you will:

  • Experience the busy life of a highly popular, successful and friendly UK language school in Bristol, mix with our students and see our English training and teaching methods in action
  • Learn about our innovative methods by observing our expert TEFL teachers and work with the latest TEFL publications
  • Develop a repertoire of fantastic activities guaranteed to make your English classes a success

Apply now for a TEFL teacher training course that will truly change your life. Call +44 (0)117 909 0911 today. Appy today.

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Teacher Training Courses

Cambridge CELTA
Cambridge CELTA - 19th October to 20th November 2020 - 100% online course £1425.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 2nd to 28th November 2020 £1425.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 18th January to 12th February 2021 £1545.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 22nd February to 19th March 2021 £1545.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 12th April to 7th May 2021 £1545.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 17th May to 11th June 2021 £1545.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 9th August to 3rd September 2021 £1545.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 20th September to 15th October 2021 £1545.00 Enrol Now
Cambridge CELTA - 1st to 26th November 2021 £1545.00 Enrol Now
CELTA Introductory Course
CELTA Introductory Course - 27th and 28th November 2020 £150.00 Enrol Now
Foreign Teachers of English course
Foreign Teachers of English course - 26th July – 6th August 2021 £675.00 Enrol Now