Trinity Exam in spoken English


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The Trinity ESOL Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) is a widely recognised test of speaking in English. Universities, multi-national companies and several thousand schools and colleges around the world use these examinations.

The GESE is offered at 12 different grades, which are grouped into four stages of language level. Whatever your level is, you can take an exam to receive a certificate showing your speaking level in English.

You can take the Trinity GESE at our  exam centre (groups only). Please contact us:

The four different stages (levels)

The four stages (or levels) are known as Initial, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. In the Initial Stage tests, you just have a short conversation with the examiner. The experience, even at this stage, helps you become more confident in speaking your new language and interacting with a native speaker who will do his or her best to encourage you to show what you can say.

Then, from one stage to the next, there are more and more tasks (for example, a topic at Elementary Stage and text at Intermediate Stage). These are all similar to real-life tasks you may need to do in English.

By the time you reach Advanced Stage, you should be very comfortable and proficient at using a wide range of language in most general, work and study situations. For more information about the content and activities involved in the different stages, please see the GESE basic information page on the Trinity College website.

The content and style of the exam

The exams are based on students referring to personal experience. The language tasks include talking about a topic and text that you can choose. It might be a holiday, a sport, hobby, or perhaps your family, studies or work. Any subject makes an ideal topic as long as it is of interest and relevance to you.

You can relax and actually enjoy the exam at the same time as earning an international qualification for yourself.