Cambridge English FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions from past candidates which may help answer your query.


Q. How can I register for Cambridge English exam?


Please visit our 'Apply now - Dates and Fees' page and click on 'Enrol Now' next to the exam that you want to take.
Once you have filled in all your details, click on the 'Add to Bookings' button. On the next My Bookings List page, press the 'Complete Booking' button to complete your application. Please follow the on-screen instructions.


Q.How do I pay?

Our website accepts payment online by Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.


Q.Why does the booking page look different?

(March 2024) We have introduced a streamlined Cambridge exam booking and payment page.
This page has a different colour scheme from the one IH Bristol has had for many years but it is a genuine IH Bristol site.
All future online bookings and payments for IH Bristol will be through this new site.


Q.When will I receive the exact dates?

We will email you your confirmation of entry (CoE) timetable containing the exact dates, times and venues and important information for candidates at least 10 days before the first part of the exam. If you have not received your CoE by that time, please contact us immediately by email at Also, please make sure you read your CoE and the attached information carefully.


Q.What do I need to bring on exam day?

In your Confirmation of Entry (timetable) there are instructions of what to bring on the day of the exam and what is not allowed in the exam room, such as electronic devices. We would like to remind candidates that they will not have access to mobile phones or electronic devices until the end of the written components, which will be stored in a safe lockable room.


Q. What will be the security procedures on the day of the test?

You must have a valid photo ID with you on the exam day (C1 Advanced candidates must have the same ID they used at the time of registration).

Candidates who do not have an acceptable form of identification will not be allowed to take the exam.

Acceptable ID documents (excluding C1 Advanced) are: National Identity Card / Citizen Card, Passport, Driving Licence and Biometric Residency Permit.

Acceptable ID documents for C1 Advanced: National Identity Card / Passport.

If you have any other type of identification you may not be allowed to take the exam. Please contact us if this is the case. Candidates taking the C1 Advanced exam outside of their country of residence must bring either their passport or a government-issued national identity card.

If your ID is lost or stolen prior to the day of the exam, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Most examination candidates will also be photographed on the day of the examination, which is part of the additional identity check.

All examinations are conducted under strictly supervised conditions, and candidates suspected of impersonation or other malpractice will be reported.


Q. Where and when can I take a Cambridge English Exam?

Our goal is to offer a variety of exams for candidates’ convenience.

Exams are available throughout the year. See our exam calendar here for more details.

The venue details will be confirmed in the exam timetables.

If you are a preparation centre (language school) or educational institution with a group of candidates, please contact for details on holding closed group exam sessions according to your needs.


Q. When will I receive my results?

Paper-based results will take between 4-6 weeks after the exam date. You can download your statement of results on the Cambridge website. Your ID and secret number are on your Confirmation of Entry (CoE). Remember, you have to register first.

Certificates are available approximately 20 days after the results have been released.


Q. How can I prepare for my exam?  

Although most candidates do follow a course before taking the exam, it is not a requirement.

There are a variety of practical exercises available on the Cambridge English website and also at Cambridge University Press. You can also visit our website or contact our school – International House Bristol for more details.


Q. What happens if I can’t take the exam?

If you cannot take an exam for medical or compassionate reasons (we need statements in both cases), we will either transfer your registration to another session or refund the full exam fee. Please contact us for full details.


Q. What happens if I am late for the exam?

If you are late for an exam, you will not be admitted to the exam room. We recommend that on the exam day you arrive 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time on the first test.


Q.Can I enrol for more than one examination in one session?

Yes, but you must complete a separate entry form for each examination and pay the appropriate fee. Also, please ensure that the examinations do not take place at the same time.


Q.If my name is not spelled correctly on my CoE, what should I do?

Contact IH Bristol by email at immediately after receiving your CoE. Your name will then be changed and it will be printed correctly on your certificate.


Q.I did not attend a part of the exam. Can I still pass?

In order to pass a Cambridge English examination, you must attend each part (paper) of the exam. If you miss a paper, you will not receive any results and therefore will not be able to pass the exam.


Q.I received my result but believe there is a mistake with my grade. Can Cambridge recheck it?

Cambridge ESOL has a system in place to check the accuracy of results should there be a query. Such checks rarely reveal an inaccuracy in the original result and do not provide feedback on the performance of candidates in particular papers.

Here is what we can do for you:
Stage 1 (full clerical recheck of papers): Cambridge will count all your points again. The cost of stage 1 is £24.25. The outcome will be advised within five working days.
Stage 2 (remark of papers): After there has been no change in results after stage 1, it is possible to request Cambridge to remark all exam papers (except speaking). The cost of stage 2 for Preliminary and Preliminary for Schools is £72.25. The cost of stage 2 for all other exams is £112. The outcome will be advised within approximately three weeks.

We encourage you to send all enquiries within fourteen days of the result release date (for certain exams the request might be made later; please contact us for more information). All candidates wishing to request stage 2 must have completed and received their results for stage 1.

If you would like your results to be rechecked, please contact us by email at


Q.I passed a Cambridge exam but I have not yet received my certificate. What can I do?

As soon as we receive your certificate from Cambridge (approximately four to six weeks after the results have been published), we will forward it to the address you gave us on your application form. This can either be an address within the UK or abroad. If you have moved recently and would like to change your address, please email us your new address at


Q.The address to send the certificate to needs to change, what do I do?

Contact us at with your new address. If you contact us with an address change on or after your exam dates then you will be charged a £25.00 admin fee. 
If postage to the new address costs more (e.g. international instead of UK address) then we will charge you the price difference.