Which English exam?

Choosing the right English exam for you

It is important to choose the exam that suits you.

Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)

Cambridge English: Preliminary, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET), is an intermediate level qualification. It tests your ability to use English for everyday spoken and written communication.

Cambridge English: First (FCE)

Cambridge English: First is designed for learners whose command of English is adequate for many practical everyday purposes, including business and study. Successful candidates will have a wide grasp of vocabulary, and should be able to construct an argument and use appropriate communication styles for a variety of situations. They also need to show an awareness of register and of the conventions of politeness and degrees of formality as they are expressed through language.

FCE is recognised by many universities and other educational institutions as proof of intermediate level English skills, and these institutions accept it as meeting part of their entrance requirements.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) The demand for high-level English language skills is increasing all around the world. Passing Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) shows that you are a high achiever.

CAE is accepted globally as proof of high achievement and more than 3,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments around the world accept Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) as proof of high-level achievement. CAE helps you develop the language skills you need for success, and can be used for your university and student visa applications in the UK and Australia. It proves high-level English skills for academic and professional success.

Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)

Cambridge English: Proficiency, also known as Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), is our most advanced qualification. It proves you have achieved an extremely high level in English. Do this test if you really love English. If you pass this test your English is good enough for you to teach English to others. Your English will be good enough to study at any British university.

The Cambridge Proficiency Exam is the oldest of the Cambridge EFL exams. It is designed to make sure that a student doing a university course in an English University has the language skills needed to study at this level. This course deals with more academic language, while the Advanced exam is more aimed at people who need to function, for example, in an English-speaking business environment. For both of these courses, you need to have a high level of English ability.

Not sure which test to take?

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