Why learn English with us?

Here at IH Bristol, we are passionate about teaching languages. We enjoy meeting new students and helping them get the most out of their stay in England.  We recognise that each student is an individual and so we interview all new students to make sure we meet their needs.

We also invite students to become involved in our English social programme. They can even request particular events, if there is something they are especially interested in. We want students to feel part of the IH Bristol family from day one: if you feel at home, you will relax and the more relaxed you are, the better and the faster you will learn.

Teachers and teaching style

Our teachers are all qualified teachers of English as a foreign language and they all take part in an ongoing programme of teacher development. This means they are constantly updating their teaching skills and learning the latest methods to ensure language-learning success.

We have special methods to help you learn English without stress. The most important thing is to help you feel confident about using the English you learn and we have lots of techniques to achieve this.

From the first day, from the first lesson, we focus on natural English, the language spoken by ordinary people everyday. We teach at phrase level so students can feel they are communicating in the same way as a native English speaker. We encourage students to learn large quantities of vocabulary through our Project 100 and we ensure there is variety through Phrase of the Day and the Cultural Question.

As a teacher training centre, we are aware of new methods and theories of teaching and we make sure all our students benefit fully from these. The trainee teachers also teach extra classes for serious students hoping to make the most of their time in England - some students will even have their English analysed in detail by a trainee and will receive a free learning pack designed specifically for them.

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Variety of courses

We offer a wide variety of courses, which are summarised in the table below. If there is a course  you cannot find, please contact us to find out if we can offer it to you.

  General English courses Intensive English courses IELTS Exam courses Cambridge Exam courses One-to-one Special courses
Mornings   General English        
Afternoons FREE An extra 10 hours in the afternoon focusing on fluency and further development of the language you are learning during the General English course An intensive exam preparation course covering all aspects of the IELTS exam in detail Specific exam focuses for all the exams we offer The focus of these classes can be anything the student wishes to cover These courses are run during the summer months for fixed numbers of students but can be added to a General English course for groups of 10+

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How your English will improve


The General English courses help students improve all their skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and learn the grammar, vocabulary and cultural knowledge necessary for living in the UK and using English in an international context. There is an emphasis on practical, effective and natural communication.

Improving every aspect of your language:

  • Grammar - so you are more correct in English, and easier to understand
  • Vocabulary and idioms - so you can understand much more English, and sound up to date
  • Pronunciation of English - so your accent is better and you can speak English more naturally
  • Spoken fluency - more naturally and be better understood
  • Listening comprehension - so you can follow English conversations with greater understanding
  • Reading comprehension - so you can read all sorts of English texts and understand them better
  • Writing skills - so you can write different sorts of English texts quickly, accurately and easily
  • British life and culture - you will also learn about our culture, the media and the British way of life

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Support before, during and after your course

Before your course

Before you come to learn English with us, you can improve your grammar, vocabulary and social English by using the free exercises we have created on our website. They're a great way to prepare for studying English in the UK.

During your course

During your time here, you will learn English inside and outside the class. You will learn English from your teachers, of course, but we also want you to learn English after class. That's why we will help you become an independent English learner. 

When you take an exam, there's no teacher to tell you the right answers. When you are using English in business, there's no one to tell you which tense to use in your telephone conversations. You have to be independent.

Here are some of the many ways we'll help you learn to be independent:

  • Every two weeks in your morning classes, we discuss how students can learn better in and outside the school
  • Each week, we will give you a weekend project that will help you discover aspects of the British way of life
  • You'll learn a new useful phrase or expression every day before your first class
  • We'll give you more than 50 different ideas for ways of improving your speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • Your welcome pack includes many essential phrases for you to communicate effectively in English outside school

After your course

After your course, you will be in a better position to continue to learn English. Firstly, you will know many strategies for learning independently.

Secondly, you will be more confident about learning English and you will be able to continue using the Free exercises and Learn English sections of this website.

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