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Hosts wanted! (Homestay accommodation)

We are keen to recruit new homestays to host our international adult and junior students in their homes. Hosts can take up to 4 students (total from any provider) at the same time - with 1-2 students at a time a common number - which could mean a substantial boost to your income! We pay £215/week Juniors summer full board (12-17 yrs); £205 / week per student (16/17 year olds on adult courses 1/2 board); 18yrs+ adults £195/week 1/2 board. This range of payments per student type will be shared with you at recruitment stage.

Our busiest period is normally mid June-early Sept 2023 so having good availablity to take students during these months is therefore very helpful - and we have year-round placements to offer of course too.

Hosting an international student not only provides a wonderful opportunity for them to experience life in the UK, but also provides you with an income for your spare room and the chance to learn about new cultures. Our students come from all over the world to study English in Bristol - in 2019 for example, we welcomed over 41 nationalities to IH Bristol, and are expecting similar spread in 2023! We are also always interested in hearing from people who would like to host students from Middle East regions - especially Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates.

Find out more about hosting for IH Bristol here or contact the Accommodation Team at