Get - short phrases - Intermediate

In a good dictionary, the word 'get' covers two or more pages because there are so many phrases made with 'get'. Here are ten exclamations.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. Get ready
  2. Get out / get out of here
  3. Get lost
  4. Get going
  5. Get a move on / Get moving
  6. Get a life
  7. Get well soon
  8. Get real
  9. Get out of my / the way
  10. Get stuffed
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. We say phrase 1 to somebody to warn them that they need to be prepared for something soon.
  2. We say phrase 2 to somebody when we want them to leave. Depending on the tone of voice this can be quite strong and possibly offensive.
  3. Phrase 3 is stronger than phrase 2 and means that we want the person to leave and we don't care where they go.
  4. We say phrase 4 means that we want somebody to start an activity or start going somewhere.
  5. We say phrase 5 to somebody when we want them to go faster or make faster progress with a task.
  6. We say phrase 6 to somebody who spends a lot of time on a boring or pointless task.
  7. We say phrase 7 to somebody who is unwell. This phrase is often written on greetings carsd that we send to people who are sick.
  8. We say phrase 8 to somebody who has an unrealistic idea or expects something that is impossible or very unlikely.
  9. We say phrase 9 to somebody who is blocking our path. This is actually not polite and it is more polite to simply say 'excuse me'.
  10. We say phrase 10 to show we disagree with or dislike the other person and want them to go away and leave you alone. It is a rude phrase and you should be careful when you use it.

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