Telephones and Telephoning - Intermediate

The telephone is a very important part of our lives. The following ten expressions are parts of telephones or things that are connected with telephones in some way.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. Receiver / handset
  2. Keypad / Dial
  3. Earpiece / Mouthpiece
  4. Phone box
  5. The phone book
  6. The Yellow Pages
  7. Operator
  8. Directory Enquiries
  9. The dial tone
  10. Reverse charges
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. All of the phrases are nouns apart from phrase 10. Phrase 10 is a verb phrase.
  2. Phrases in 1 describe the part pf a telephone that you hold in your hand. 'Receiver' is a more popular expression expression in the UK.
  3. Phrases in 2 are the part of the telephone that we use to enter the number with our fingers. Modern telephones have a keypad. Older phones had a dial with numbers arranged ina circle.
  4. In phrase 4, a phone box is a very small building that contains a public pay-phone. In the UK, the traditional phone box is painted a bright red colour.
  5. In phrase 5, the phone book is a large book (directory) containing all the telephone numbers of people living in a city or area.
  6. In phrase 6, the 'Yellow Pages' is a large book or directory containing the telephone numbers of businesses and organizations in one area.
  7. In phrase 7, the operator is a person who you can call and ask for help telephoning or making a connection.
  8. In phrase 8, Directory Enquiries is a company that you can telephone and ask the telephone numbe

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