Kinds of Shops - Intermediate

In England, most shops have easy names like 'toy shop' and 'book shop'. But there are a few shops with special names. Here are ten of them that you need to know.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. Greengrocer's
  2. Butcher's
  3. Baker's
  4. Chemist's
  5. Stationer's / Stationery shop
  6. Ironmonger's / Hardware shop
  7. Florist's
  8. Newsagent's
  9. Off Licence
  10. Corner shop
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. In 1, a greengrocer's sells fruit and vegetables. Sometimes they sell a few other things like eggs and milk.
  2. In 2, a butcher's sells meat. Nowadays, most people buy their meat in supermerkets but you can still find a traditional butchers shop in most large towns.
  3. In 3, a baker's sells bread and cakes and usually they make them in the same building.
  4. In 4, a chemist's is where you go to buy drugs. We use the word 'pharmacy' sometimes in the UK, but we never say 'drug store'.
  5. In 5, a stationer's is a shop that sells, paper, pencils, pens, printer cartridges and things for an office.
  6. In 6, and ironmonger's is a shop that sells, nails, screws, tools and other heavy metal things. They also sell paint, glue and other useful things for the home.
  7. In 7, a florist's is a shop that sells flowers. Most good florists also sell plants in pots and can send flowers to someone in another city.
  8. In 8, we go to a newsagent's to buy newspapers and magazines. They also usually sell cigarettes and sweets.
  9. In 9, an off licence is the

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