Talking about Cheap Prices - Advanced

Because everyone likes shopping, and buying is an inevitable part of life, we often talk about things which are cheap. Everyone likes a bargain!

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. It was quite cheap.
  2. It didn't cost that much.
  3. It wasn't very expensive.
  4. It wasn't that expensive, really.
  5. It was quite reasonable, actually.
  6. It was good value for money.
  7. I thought it'd be more expensive.
  8. I'm happy with the price.
  9. That's a good price.
  10. You pay a lot more in other places.
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. 1 is common - notice we often soften talk about price with words like 'very/quite' - it's very natural English.
  2. With 2 we put a strong emphasis on 'THAT' to mean 'not as much as you think'.
  3. 3 is normal - but things that are 'not expensive' normally cost more than things that we say 'are cheap'. This is because positive verbs are stronger than negative verbs in English.
  4. 4 is like 2 with emphatic THAT. We use this expression sometimes to jusfify buying something.
  5. When prices are reasonable, they are fair - neither cheap nor expensive.
  6. In business, you often hear about 'value for money' like in 6. Things can be expensive, but you get a lot of additional features for your money.
  7. We use 7 to show we are pleasantly surprised by the cost of something. Again, this can be used to justify buying something.
  8. 8 and 9 are quite often used when negotiating about prices in business, or when buying something like a second-hand car. 9 could also be used by the seller to convince you to buy.
  9. 10 is another sort of justification

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