Offending / upsetting people - Advanced

Sometimes we say the wrong thing and then somebody else gets very angry. Here are ten phrases to describe the other people's negative reaction.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. He got somebody's back up.
  2. She caused offense / outrage
  3. I put somebody's nose out of joint
  4. I got on the wrong side of sombody
  5. She reduced somebody to tears
  6. They put him down
  7. She showed me up (in front of others)
  8. We got in her black books
  9. He dissed my new hairstyle
  10. She took umbrage at my remarks
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. In 1, the other person is annoyed and will probably behave in a hostile way because of your action or comment.
  2. In 2, 'offense' is fairly general but 'outrage' suggests very strong anger and possibly a violent reaction to her actions.
  3. In 3, I made somebody feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced them by my actions.
  4. In 4, I made sombody, who was previously friendly, become hostile to me after something I did.
  5. In 5, she made somebody so upset that they started crying.
  6. In 6, they criticised him (maybe many times) in front of other people.
  7. In 7, she drew other people's attention to a fault or mistake that I had made and caused embarrassment to me.
  8. In 8, we annoyed her so much that she will be unfriendly and untrusting of us for a long time / permanently.
  9. In 9, 'diss' is an American English expression which has become more popular in the UK. It means to criticise someone or something unfairly.
  10. In 10, the other person became offended at the things I had said. I am possibly implying that I don't accept her reasons for b

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