Being old - Advanced

Britain now has a falling birth-rate, which means that in the future over half the population will be over 65. Not surprisingly, we have many expression for 'old'.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. old and wise
  2. over the hill
  3. past it
  4. pushing ninety
  5. in her nineties
  6. a pensioner / OAP / senior citizen
  7. getting a bit long in the tooth
  8. in my twilight years / second childhood
  9. losing her marbles / going senile
  10. an old codger / an old biddy
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. In phrase 1, the words 'old' and 'wise' have often been associated. This is a common collocation.
  2. Phrase 2 and 3 mean that the person is too old to do a certain job or task.
  3. In phrase 4, the person is nearly ninety years old.
  4. In phrase 5, the person is over ninety but less than one hundred years old.
  5. Phrases is 6 mean that the person has retired and is receiving a state pension. In the UK this happens at 65.
  6. Phrase 7 was originally used to describe old horses and means that the person is too old for their current (work) position.
  7. Phrases in 8 are more positive ways to refer to old age and retirement.
  8. Phrases in 9 are saying that a person is losing their understanding of the world because of old age
  9. Phrases in 10 are very negative and probably offensive. It is best to avoid using them as they indicate a very negative attitude to old age ('codger' id a man, 'biddy' is a woman). .

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