Disapproving of an action - Advanced

Sometimes we hear about an action that somebody else has done and we feel very negative about it. Here are ten phrases that English people use to show their disapproval.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. I don't think much of that.
  2. How apalling / dreadful!
  3. I'm utterly apalled / disgusted.
  4. I'm dead against people doing...
  5. It shouldn't be allowed!
  6. What a rotten / mean thing to do
  7. I take a very dim view of people doing.
  8. Who do they think they are?
  9. How can people do things like that?
  10. Whatever next?
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. Phrase 1 is not very strong. The speaker does not approve of an action and is not very upset. You can use this phrase to weakly agree with other people who are more angry or upset.
  2. Phrase 3 and 4 are stronger reactions to an action. You usually use these phrases immdeiately after you find out about the event or action.
  3. Phrase 4 is speaking more generally about a kind of action that you always disapprove of.
  4. Phrase 5 is saying that you would like a new law to prevent people from doing something that you think is bad. This also suggests that the action is legal at the moment.
  5. Phrase 6 is a very strong negative reaction to an action that you have just heard about. The speaker is also showing sympathy with the victim of the action.
  6. Phrase 7 is more formal and shows a general negative attitude to actions of a certain kind. You follow this phrase with a gerund (-ing form).
  7. Phrases 8, 9 and 10 are showing strong negative reactions to an action. Phrases 8 and 9 are showing particular disapproval of the people who did

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