Rooms In A House - Elementary

There are certain rooms that you usually find in every UK house. Some of them are the same as other countries and some are not.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathroom
  3. Cloakroom / Toliet / Water closet
  4. Hall
  5. Landing
  6. Lounge / Living room
  7. Dining room
  8. Bedrooms
  9. Attic / Loft conversion
  10. Cellar
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. In 1, the kitchen is often the centre of life in a UK house. Many families eat most of their meals in the kitchen and you often a find a TV set there too.
  2. 2. Some more modern UK homes have a toilet in the bathroom, but still most houses have separate toilet and bathrooms. You don't usually find a bidet in English bathrooms.
  3. in 3, nearly every house in the UK today has at least one indoor toilet. But up to fifty years ago, toilets were outside in the back garden.
  4. In 4, the 'hall' is usually the first room that you come into after you come through the front door. It's often a long narrow room with doors to the other ground floor rooms.
  5. In 5, the 'landing' is the area of floor at the top of each flight of stairs. The landing on the upper floor is often like an upstairs 'hall' (see 4).
  6. In 6, the lounge or living room is the room where people can relax. In the past, the centre of the living room was the fireplace. Now it's usually the television.
  7. In 7, not every home has a dining room and many families never sit d

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