Kinds of Shops - Elementary

In England, most shops have easy names like 'toy shop' and 'book shop'. But there are a few shops with special names. Here are ten of them that you need to know.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. Greengrocer's
  2. Butcher's
  3. Baker's
  4. Chemist's
  5. Stationer's / Stationery shop
  6. Ironmonger's / Hardware shop
  7. Florist's
  8. Newsagent's
  9. Off Licence
  10. Corner shop
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. In 1, a greengrocer's sells fruit and vegetables. Sometimes they sell a few other things like eggs and milk.
  2. In 2, a butcher's sells meat. Nowadays, most people buy their meat in supermerkets but you can still find a traditional butchers shop in most large towns.
  3. In 3, a baker's sells bread and cakes and usually they make them in the same building.
  4. In 4, a chemist's is where you go to buy drugs. We use the word 'pharmacy' sometimes in the UK, but we never say 'drug store'.
  5. In 5, a stationer's is a shop that sells, paper, pencils, pens, printer cartridges and things for an office.
  6. In 6, and ironmonger's is a shop that sells, nails, screws, tools and other heavy metal things. They also sell paint, glue and other useful things for the home.
  7. In 7, a florist's is a shop that sells flowers. Most good florists also sell plants in pots and can send flowers to someone in another city.
  8. In 8, we go to a newsagent's to buy newspapers and magazines. They also usually sell cigarettes and sweets.
  9. In 9, an off licence is the place you go to buy alcohol. They often sell cigarettes and snacks as well.
  10. In 10, a corner shop is like a small supermarket where you can buy all sorts of food, drink, stationery but it is more expensive than a supermarket would be. Corner shops are usually in residential areas.

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