Jobs connected with travel - Elementary

International air travel for business and for holidays has become a big part of most people's lives in the UK. Here are 10 job titles that we may meet when we are travelling.

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing: 
  1. Travel agent
  2. Check-in staff
  3. Customs officers
  4. Immigration officials
  5. Flight crew
  6. Cabin staff
  7. Air marshall
  8. Air traffic controllers
  9. Courier
  10. Tour rep
How To Use These Phrases In Your English: 
  1. In 1, a 'travel agent' is the person or company who sells us a ticket. Nowadays many people use 'online travel agents' on the Internet.
  2. In 2, the 'check-in staff' are the first people you meet when you arrive at the airport. They give you a boarding pass with your seat number and take your luggage to put in the plane.
  3. In 3, 'customs officers' are people that check your bags to see if you need to pay tax on anything you are carrying. They also look for anything illegal like drugs.
  4. In 4, 'immigration officials' are the people who check your passport when you arrive in a country or leave.
  5. In 5, the 'flight crew' are all the workers who fly the plane. Usually there is a pilot / captain a co-pilot and a navigator who checks the route. Sometimes there is also an engineer.
  6. In 6, the 'cabin staff' are all the men and women who look after you during the flight. Nowadays we don't say 'stewardess' but instead we say 'flight attendant'.
  7. In 7, an 'air marshall' is a new job. After the September 11th terrorist attacks, many airlines employed people to protect passengers and crew on planes. They don't wear a uniform but they are like police officers in the air.
  8. In 8, an 'air traffic controller' is the person who directs planes which are landing and taking off at airports. Air traffic controllers stop planes from crashing into one another or from getting lost.
  9. In 9, a 'courier' is a person who delivers things, usually documents but also things like diamonds from one company to another.
  10. In 10, a 'tour rep' is a person who works at a holiday resort helping tourists with eeverything they need and organising trips and activities for tourists

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