Marcel Jansen

Marcel Jansen

I first arrived in Bristol from the Netherlands in 1994 and returned here a few years later.

I really like Bristol because it's big enough to have everything you would need for facilities and entertainment but not so big you spend ages getting around. As an example, when I leave my house to go for a run on a Saturday or Sunday I can use the miles of park-land called the 'Downs', cross the Suspension Bridge and run over the woodland trails of nearby Leigh Woods. Now that's a lovely run!

I'm one of the directors of International House Bristol and I look after our computers and technology. Since I'm an IT person by background, here is an IT trivia about me: I've got an MSc in Computer Science, however, I don't always get all the IT questions correct on 'University Challenge' or 'Only Connect'. As a guide to my 'Brithisness' after these many years: I know most of the rules of cricket now (including the existance of something called 'Cow corner') but will, I suspect, forever remain in the dark about the intricacies of bowling.

On a more personal note, I met my wife, who is also my fellow director, here in Bristol and this is where we decided to raise a family.  It is a great place for kids and my two really enjoy living here and studying. As a family, we will support Holland for football and Ireland for rugby and of course England if they're playing anybody else.

Running is my hobby. I've done distances from park run to marathon but the half has to be my favourite. Next up is the new Bristol to Bath marathon, it's great to have a marathon on our door step again.

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