School Facilities

In our main school building at Oakfield Road, we have a great study room, a downstairs students' room with coffee and drinks machines.

The building has a superfast 500 Mbit internet connection and the latest Wifi to keep you connected.
There are three additional student computers in the students' room so you can email your friends and family while you are on your break.

Every student on an adult programme automatically benefits from access to our e-learning platform from the moment they enrol until 3 months after the end of their course.

Study room

Students in our study roomWhen you don't have lessons, you can make the most of your learning by using our study room. It is packed with ideas and activities to help you work on the areas you want to improve.

Some examples of material available to you are: exam practice worksheets, authentic listening cassettes with worksheets, graded readers, grammar practice activities, and much more.

There is a teacher available in the study room to help you, so you can really make a difference to your English in your spare time.

In the study room you'll find...

  • Hundreds of hours of listening practice recordings at your level
  • Practice exam papers for Cambridge/IELTS exams
  • Books in easy English for you to read and borrow
  • Examples of good student writing
  • Lists of typical mistakes for different nationalities
  • Listening stations with headphones
  • Advice about study techniques
  • Magazines for browsing 
  • A selection of videos to borrow or watch in the school
  • A variety of English songs to listen to
  • Worksheets to accompany the songs
  • Dictionary activities for you to try
  • Lots of vocabulary activities to build your knowledge
  • Challenging grammar exercises to test your skills
  • All the phrases of day from the past year
  • A wide selection of interesting authentic texts with accompanying activities
  • A teacher to assist you in your studies

Health and safety

Your safety is a priority for us and the school maintains high standards in this area. We comply with all relevant legislation relating to health and safety. We conduct regular fire drills and careful risk assessments to ensure our buildings are safe.

Physical disability

Oakfield Road site is accessible for wheelchair users. Queen's Avenue site is not suitable for clients in wheelchairs.

Visual and audial impairment, dyslexia, etc

We can help clients who have difficulties with their sight or their hearing but our courses are not suitable for the totally blind or the very deaf. Please contact us if you think you may need special arrangements.

If you are dyslexic, it is very helpful if you can tell us in advance. In particular, if you are planning to take an examination, we can make special arrangements for you but we need to know in good time.

Abusive behaviour policy: in class, on school premises, in accommodation and on organised social events with International House Bristol

The following are not tolerated at International House Bristol:

  • Bullying of any kind (physical or verbal)
  • Racism (against other nationalities, cultures or religions)
  • Excessive and/or loud swearing, sexual harassment of any kind, aggressive behaviour towards staff, students or visitors (eg, shouting at other students inappropriately, kicking furniture)
  • Theft (stealing other people’s property or International House Bristol’s property)
  • Vandalism (eg, deliberately breaking school furniture, computers, etc)
  • Any illegal activity

Important: It is the school’s decision whether or not your behaviour is unacceptable. If your behaviour is unacceptable, the school will give you one written warning. If unacceptable behaviour occurs again, the school will order you to leave the school immediately, with no refund of any fees.

Please note that the school may order you to leave the school immediately with no refund of fees, with no written warning, if the behaviour is very serious, in the school’s opinion.

We will record all incidents in writing.