Testimonial Stefanie

Stefanie Ecke, Germany

I studied in International House Bristol for 6 weeks and after the lessons I worked for two month in the school office. The trip was a big step for me. It was the first time that I travelled alone for a long time in a country in which a different language is spoken. Now, I can ask myself “Why I was so afraid?”

There is the help of amazing teachers and everyone at the school has the same ambition and helps each other to achieve this aim. I learned a lot in the lessons and also during my work experience time. It was very interesting to see how it looks from “the other side”.

Also, the social program mustn’t go unmentioned. There is always something for everyone and it makes a lot of fun. You can spend the time with your friends and every week you meet some new students. In addition, you can see a lot of places in and around Bristol.

Finally I can say, I feel much more confident in the language and I had a lot of wonderful experiences. The students and later my work colleagues were like a really big family for me and I want to thank all who made this time unforgettable. Thank you for everything!

I’m sure I’ll see you again!