Testimonial Seulki

Seulki Ahn (Dean), South Korea

My agency strongly recommended IH Bristol because they’re good at preparing students for Cambridge exams and they’re an official exam centre.
First of all, I really like the teachers at IH Bristol. They’re really good. Before I came here I studied in the Philippines so I can compare. The IH teachers teach expressions with intonation and accents.
I really love Bristol because it reminds me of my city, because of the harbour. I like the Harbourside and the Suspension Bridge. Also, Bristol is the Green Capital and there are a lot of green spaces and great parks. The people in Bristol are really kind too.
I enjoy the Saturday trips and badminton on the social program. In the first month it’s really good for new students. When a Saturday trip goes to a new city I sign up.
I studied English for university, but it’s not real English. The teachers here try to teach real English – native-speaker English. The Phrase of the Day is really interesting. Also, listening to native speakers is hard, but good for my listening skills. Outside the classroom I meet natives and it helps me understand them.