Testimonial Pamela

Pamela, Italy

Pamela came to Bristol ten months ago with her son, who’s going to school here. She started free classes and met another student who she now shares a flat with and who is also studying at International House.
Pamela works two jobs at the same time as studying. She starts early and works before class, and then works again in the evening.
When Pamela was deciding where she wanted to live in the UK she had a list of things that were important to her. She thought about the weather, work and distance to London. She didn’t want to live in the capital because it’s too expensive. She looked at Oxford and Cambridge, but decided that Bristol looked the most interesting.
Other people had recommended IHB to her and they always had great things to say. She’s says that the atmosphere at International House Bristol is fantastic. She had a very different experience at another school. IHB is similar to a big family, according to Pamela, especially the way the teachers and students communicate. 
Pamela says she loves Bristol because it’s a very multicultural city and has some fantastic scenery.
She says that English is very important for work in Chile. She came here to improve her English so that she would have better job opportunities in the future.