Testimonial Kyoki

Kyoko Aoki, Japan

I learned English at IH Bristol for 6 month.
The reason I chose this school was because were less Japanese speakers and the school has Cambridge Exam class.
Bristol is the best city for an English learner because it is not a huge town and not too expensive.

Moreover, there are a lot of seasonal events through Bristol.
I never got fed up with living in Bristol. 
I also would like to mention that the school has ample Social Activities.

In class, each teacher gave us unique classes, I enjoyed it indeed!
Every week, there is cultural projects to interact with other students and reflect students’ opinions ready for the next week.

We can talk and make friends with a variety of people from different countries, who have different purposes for learning English. They are very nice to me. It was a good experience.
I really reckon I made the best choice: to come to IH Bristol for learning English!

6ヶ月の間、IH Bristolで英語を勉強させていただきました。
学校でもSocial Activityも豊富なので飽きる事はありません。


BristolとIH Bristolを留学先として選んで本当に良かったと思います。