Testimonial Flavia

Flavia Diliberto, Italy

I chose to go to Bristol to study English because for this type of experience I preferred a quiet and safe city. Bristol is not too much big and it’s easy to get your bearings. And also because I’m a student of International House Palermo and the director of my school advised me to go to IH Bristol, telling me that the school is very good. I have been for one month in Bristol and I had a wonderful time. The city is steeped in history and at the same time modern and particular. I especially appreciated the Cathedral, the Harbourside, the Suspension Bridge and the structure of the city, with its hills and green spaces.
Living with an English host family was really interesting. My host family is lovely and during all the time they were a point of reference for me. They involved me in their habits and their family atmosphere. I spent plenty of time with them and our conversations were absolutely useful for my speaking skills. 
I attended a morning class course and I had excellent teachers. Their explanations were clear and their lessons were challenging and funny. I learned a lot of grammar rules and vocabulary and they made the class practise them immediately. And all of the staff of the school was kind and friendly to me and very careful towards my needs. 
Thanks to IH Bristol my English has had a great improvement. 
The social programme is amazing. I liked best our afternoon drinks at the beginning of every week. It was a chance to meet and know better the other students of the school, people coming from all over the world.
I was so happy during my month in Bristol and this was a one off experience. I can just say thank you to IH Bristol and I’d recommend everybody the school.