Testimonial Allesandro

Alessandro Di Marco, Italy

I chose Bristol because I wanted to learn in a smaller city than London with a good community. I heard that lots of other Italians go to cities in the south of England like Brighton, but I wanted to speak with people from other countries and IH Bristol was great for this. I really liked the way they teach English, because they always give you new words and grammar with a lot of context. It helped me remember everything quickly because I could think about sentences not just words. The phrase of the day also was good because it helped me speak the kind of English you can hear from native speakers.

All the teachers are very friendly, and it makes you feel very comfortable in class because of the good atmosphere. I think that taking exam classes at IH Bristol is also a good idea, because they don’t just teach you grammar but also strategies for taking exams. The teachers are very clear and always write new vocabulary on the board, so you can still see the word if it is difficult.

I also liked the social programme, especially Charlie’s BBQs, because you can have an opportunity to speak with lots of other students, and also native speakers who learn languages like French and Italian.