An Soyeon

An Soyeon

My agent recommended the School to me because I really wanted to learn the British accent and I wanted to stay in a warm part of the UK.

At IH Bristol, the teachers teach in an attractive way. They don’t just teach students what they’ve prepared – they teach what students seem to need and they care about each student individually. In Korea, I had only learnt English for two months in eight years and when I came to Bristol, the teachers recognised my frustrations and helped me to overcome my weaknesses. They gave me motivation to keep on studying.

I was worried about the weather before I came to Bristol, but even when it’s cloudy, it doesn’t feel gloomy here. It feels fresh and because the buildings aren’t so tall, I can see lots of sky.

I really love my host. She’s so good at cooking and this gives me a really good impression of British cuisine. Her house is spotless too.

I’ve found that British English has very different vocabulary from American English, which we learn in Korea, but it’s helped me understand the cultural differences between the two countries. Language shows the way people think and it’s broadened my horizons.

The greatest asset of IH Bristol is its teachers. Their teachers can use any method and can teach their students brilliantly. I can really feel my improvement in English and I don’t want to leave IH Bristol because I love it so much.