Letter Of Thanks

Maria Ward School - Mainz, Germany

Dear Val,

This is to officially thanks you and your colleagues for a terrific programme that you provided for the group from Mainz again. The effort and thought everyone put in at all the various stages of the programme are all astounding and highly appreciated.

Teachers and students alike felt most welcome while we were in Bristol. The feedback that I receive from both the students and the parents should encourage your colleagues greatly. Your colleagues have managed to improve the girls' linguistic skills and to instill confidence in their linguitic competance. The programme also broadens everyone's horizons significantly. Thus the parents have told me that their daughters have gained so much self confidence, that their personalities have grown and become richer.

My special thanks go to Pete, Joe, Shaun, Charlie, Liz and Nicky and Saskia for their incredible input. I would like to thank you for the easy communication that I always find most encouraging. Whenever I find an email from you, I feel it is high time for a renewal of our programme. When we actually meet it is as if we were working in the same city anyway. It is simply marvellous.

Thank you also to the people at the front desk and the office in "our" building where we could leave our daily luggage. Their friendly smiles always brightened our days, not to mention their patience when yet another folder and bag arrived.

You have all made our stay and programme a most memorable one. We hope we will be able to return.

All the best to you and your staff


Lioba Rudell - Deputy Head, Group Leader