Students of the Month - September

Better late than never! At IHBristol we are all about celebrating the success and progress of our students! On that note, allow me to introduce you to our students of the month for September. Frank and Amjad stood out to our teachers, and they have left feedback below.


Amjad is from Saudi Arabia and has been a student with us since July. She is studying at IH in order to improve her English for university as she hopes to complete a Master’s degree in Psychology in England.

She chose IH after asking her friend in Bristol for the best school. IH has part time courses which suits Amjad’s life outside the classroom.

Amjad says she likes Bristol because it is a quiet city with friendly people, many parks, and some good shopping.

She likes the school because the students come from many different countries which is useful for making sure everyone gets the chance to speak English together. Also, the teachers are good and help all the students.

The teachers chose Amjad as a student of the month after seeing her hard work over the past weeks, which has seen her move up a level. Well done!



Frank comes from Bogota in Colombia, where he worked as a tattoo artist for a hobby before coming to the UK. He is studying here to improve his English before moving on to train as a chef. Originally planning to learn English in the USA, his agents recommended Bristol to him as it was friendlier.

He likes Bristol because the people are so friendly. It is a multicultural area and he has enjoyed conversations with Arabic, Thai, and Cuban students. The locals are helpful with trying to understand his English.

Frank says he likes IH because the teachers are friendly and really good for helping him make progress. The classes all feel like VIP classes.

The teachers chose Frank because of the hard work he puts in to expand his vocabulary and because he uses every opportunity to practise and improve his English. Congratulations Frank!


Congratulations to you both and keep up the amazing work!