IH Combined Social Programme: 9-19 June


Tuesday 9 June - 6.30pm UK time

Origami with IH Bristol

Origami tutorial: you need to prepare and bring one or more pieces of 20cm-by-20cm (or larger perfect square) paper. You will follow a tutorial together and see who can make the best (and worst!). Hold up your final product to the camera so we can all see...!

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Wednesday 10 June - 4pm UK time

Pub Quiz with IH Portsmouth

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Thursday 11 June - 6.30pm UK time

Karate for Self-Defence with IH Manchester

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Friday 12 June - 6.30pm UK time

Canva Tutorial with IH Galway

How to make your social media posts look fantastic!

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Tuesday 16 June - 6.30pm UK time

Aperitivo with IH Manchester

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Wednesday 17 June - 6.30pm UK time

Graffiti Workshop with IH Bristol

Hear a short presentation and images about Bristol's most famous graffiti artists (including Banksy who is from Bristol!), then create your own online graffiti artwork (we will tell you how). We can share each other’s creations at the end!

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Friday 19 June - 4pm UK time

Virtual Tour of the National Gallery of Ireland with IH Galway

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