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Learning a new language can be a true challenge for anyone. If you only speak your native tongue, you might come to find that learning a language different from English can be quite demanding, as there are many languages with strict grammar rules and hard to pronounce words.

No matter how difficult a language might seem though, there are always ways to keep up the work you put into it and manage to memorize everything you have learnt. Consistency is very important if you wish to become fluent in the language you have chosen and you will have to keep trying in order to see some good results. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay consistent and learn the new language quickly and effortlessly.

Set your study goals

The most important thing about being consistent is starting slow and then working your way up towards more difficult and harder to achieve goals. Just like with everything else, learning a new language should be viewed as a fun experience which will help you start from something easy and basic so you can reach a greater result, which will eventually be speaking the language fluently.

The goals you set will have to be manageable, achievable and easy to maintain based on your daily life. Even if you feel like they are not large enough, you should remember that even slow progress is still helping you move forward and learn more things.

Create a schedule for studying

After setting your study goals, you should start implementing them. The best way to achieve that is by creating a studying schedule, which will help you keep track of the hours you study during the week and the things you will have to learn on a daily basis.

This will be extremely helpful, especially if you are learning the new language by yourself through online courses. When you don’t have someone teaching you and keeping you on track, it can be a lot harder to concentrate and get everything done on time. This is why a schedule will truly help you keep track of your studying and allow you to be more efficient with your time.

Practice on a daily basis

Even if you don’t learn something new every day, you will still have to practice what you learnt. Thanks to the internet, there are many ways for you to achieve that.

On top of that, you can also come in contact with a foreigner who is trying to learn your language, just as you are trying to learn theirs. This will help both of you practice in both languages through either texting or Skype and you will be able to learn a lot of new things about this country’s culture and traditions too.

Having someone to talk to over the internet will create expectations on your side and you will have to talk to them regularly as you will not only be practicing your new language but you will also be making a new friend. This will truly help you stay consistent and keep up the good work.

Take classes with a friend

Sometimes, you might not be able to memorize many things by yourself or you might be motivated enough in order to stay consistent to studying your new language. A great way to deal with this problem is to start learning this new language with a friend of yours who would like to take some classes and learn it too.

The good thing about online courses is that they aren’t created specifically for only one person to follow and the two of you can watch, repeat and learn at the same time. Having someone by your side to motivate you and learn alongside you is always helpful in keeping up with your schedule and being productive, especially when it comes to learning a whole new language.

Go to a language school

If you come to find that learning by yourself is not working out for you, you will probably be able to find a language school pretty close to your home. Language schools will help you by putting you in an environment with other people, probably close to your age who wish to learn the same language as you.

Apart from learning from a professional in real time, who will be able to solve all your questions and help you learn by correcting your mistakes, you will also have to communicate with your classmates in that said language through various speaking exercises.

Linguists always say that the best way to learn a language is to speak it, so by being in an environment which will promote dialogue and communication, you will be able to become fluent in the language a lot faster. A language school will help you stay more consistent when it comes to studying and practicing and you will also not have to worry about the pace in which you are studying as they will cover all that for you through the lessons.

Always reward yourself

Last but not least, the best way to stay consistent while learning a new language is rewarding yourself every time you reach a milestone in your language learning journey. At first, you can simply get yourself a movie in that said language and watch it without or with subtitles in that particular language.

Additionally, you can get yourself some local treats to try, a flag of the country or anything else you might believe will motivate you to keep trying and want to learn more. If you wish to have a future reward planned, you can always promise to take a trip to that country once you have completed your first round of studies for this language.

In any case, rewards are the best way of motivating yourself to work harder and they will remind you why you are doing this. No matter how small or big they are, they should always be special to you and tied to the country or countries in which your language is being spoken.

Learn a new language without losing track of your progress

The most important part about learning a new language is to only take steps forward. Once you learn something new, you should make sure that you practice enough so that you don’t forget it. Using your new knowledge in dialogues and everyday situations will truly help you add more practice to your daily life and help you improve significantly.

Staying consistent with learning a new language can be quite tricky if you don’t know some essential tips and tricks which you should follow. In any case, you should try picking a way of learning which best suits your needs as well as your skills. Every time you are simply too bored to practice or study, you should remember all the effort you put into reaching that far and how rewarding it will be for you to be able to speak that language when you decide to travel abroad.




Erica Sunarjo graduated from South Texas College majoring in Marketing and Creative Writing. She used her knowledge to make a difference in the realm of business copywriting and invested heavily in traveling and language learning. At present, Erica is fluent in French and Spanish, studying Chinese and working her way to being a multilingual copywriter. She keeps track of the latest trends in IT and technologies, blogs about efficient strategies in education and business coaching, holds educational webinars. Right now Erica is the most effective writer at The Word Point.



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