Free barista coffee & tea

Why IH Bristol

Despite the fact that our Queens Avenue building has 2 cafés less than a 60 second walk away we got ourselves two high-end coffee machines early November 2022 because, you know, studying English as an adult student can only be helped by the availability of free espresso, cappuccino, flat white, Americano, regular coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Both machines are about the closest you can get to a barista served cuppa while only pressing 1 or 2 buttons, one reviewer quotes "it’s a dream for power coffee drinkers".
Available, for free, to our students, staff and visitors.

Introducing these machines has also done its bit for the environment, we have drawers full of cups of all shapes and sizes and, when we're done with them, we wash them or put them in our dishwasher: no more disposable cups, no coffee pods or sachets.

The bigger of our two coffee machines has been keeping track, so far it has served

501 cups of long pressure brewed coffee 

278 cups of cappuccino 

275 flat white

168 espreso

139 Caffè latte

98 latte machiato

93 Americano

11 ristretto

and 7 jugs of coffee


For the tea and hot chocolate drinkers it has prepared 480 cups of hot water and 295 portions of milk, all free of course. Our other machine, well it doesn't keep track like its bigger sibling but it's been far from idle.


All of the above, we believe, qualifies us to declare ourselves "the home of free coffee for English students", if not worldwide then certainly in the UK.