Cambridge Exams & Exam Preparation Courses at IH Bristol

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Did you know that IH Bristol is the only Cambridge exam centre in Bristol?  Did you also know that our 10-week Cambridge exam preparation courses come with the exam included?

Right now, we’re offering buy-one-get-one half-price on our Cambridge exam preparation courses, so there’s no better time than now to get your world-renowned, lifetime English qualification.

At International House Bristol, we know that for our students, your time staying with us can pass by in a flash. All that time spent studying and meeting new people; suddenly three months can feel like an instant. Which is why when it does come time to say goodbye, we want you to have something permanent, something you can be proud of, something that proves how hard you worked and how much you grew during your time with us. This is one of the main reasons International House Bristol is its very own Cambridge English exam centre – a place where you can demonstrate the skills you’ve been developing in a familiar environment with staff you know, staff who are there to support you and make sure your time at IH Bristol ends on a high note.

Why take an exam with us? It’s common knowledge that to learn something new you need to have clear goals, and with Cambridge’s focus on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, you will be perfecting important, practical skills that will help you inside and outside the classroom for years to come.

Another key advantage of Cambridge exams is the variety of levels they cater for. Unlike with some exams where candidates of all levels take the same exam, if you take a Cambridge exam at IH Bristol you are given the choice of four different levels, from B1 Preliminary all the way up to C2 Proficiency. You get the benefit of choosing the exam directly related to the language and skills you have been learning in class. And once you receive your qualification, it doesn’t expire after two years like it does with other exams; it stays valid forever.

Don't miss out on the incredible benefits that Cambridge English Exam Courses offer. Enroll today to embark on an exciting language learning journey that will transform your communication skills and open doors to a world of opportunities.