Additional Terms and Conditions during Covid-19

English Courses

In light of the global Coronavirus situation, we are offering these additional Terms & Conditions starting 16th March. These will apply until the situation is no longer considered a pandemic.

The following cancellation terms apply if either

a) You have to cancel your course due to being diagnosed with Covid-19

b) There are travel restrictions that prohibit you attending your course

c) IH Bristol is closed due to government regulations

If any of the above apply, we will

  • Offer you a credit for the course. This will be transferable if you personally can’t attend the course. This credit can be used for 12 months from the original course start date.
  • Offer you online classes
  • Offer you a refund of the full fees (minus administration fee)

In order to offer you the above solutions we will need

  • Proof of your travel insurance
  • A copy of your insurance policy
  • Proof of points a) or b)

The above cancellation terms apply up to 1 week before your course is due to start.

If IH Bristol has to close during your course, we will offer you online classes for the remainder of your course.


You can see our full terms and conditions here: