Dr Val Hennessy

Dr Val Hennessy

As the 30th anniversary of the setting-up of the school fast approaches, I am delighted to report that I am still as enthusiastic as ever about teaching people of all races to communicate.  In recent years, we have expanded our foreign language department and it is heart-warming to see how many people want to learn to communicate in a second or even a third language.  Learning languages opens our minds to other ways of seeing the world and here at International House Bristol, we are all about open minds.

Now that I am no longer in the classroom, I have more time to focus on other aspects of the business.  In these challenging times, this is a good thing.  But I still love hearing form former students and enjoy answering their many and varied language questions. I have also spent some time, with the help of some of our teaching staff, putting together an online game called The Daily English Challenge.  You can find it here: https://dailyenglishchallenge.com. It is free to play and we will be giving away 2-week courses to those who top our leader boards at the various levels. So sign up and get answering those pesky questions.

My personal life continues to evolve.  Saskia is doing GCSEs this year and Nicky will do his next year.  University is looming for both of them.  That means that Marcel and I can start reconsidering our lives in terms of holiday destinations and the times of year when we travel, so beware, some of you may be seeing me sooner than you think.

I am continuing with my barefoot running and just recently managed to move past the 10k mark for regular runs.  I only wish running had felt this easy years ago. I am learning to play the cello and although I will never feel confident enough to play with others, I get a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment out of it. Sometimes it even sounds like music!

Meet our staff

Ali Bougatef
Teacher of Arabic and French
Amanda Richardson
IELTS Administrator
Ana Belen Abril Andreu
Teacher of Spanish
Catherine Cinca-Edwards
IELTS Administrator
Catherine Mason
Teacher of German
Charlie Marshall
Teacher of English
Dr Val Hennessy
Eleanor West
Teacher of Welsh
Francesca Agnoletto
Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator
Irene Ottonello
Teacher of Italian
Joe O’Hagan
Assistant Director of Studies
Joyce Zhou
Teacher of Mandarin Chinese
Julian Segura
Teacher of Spanish
Kei Yamauchi Forsythe
Teacher of Japanese
Liliya Sadek
Teacher of Russian
Liz Bowden
Senior Teacher & Teacher Trainer
Lucy Picher-Regaire
Teacher of French
Magali Vidal
Teacher of French
Marcel Jansen
Marina Ossovskaya
Center Exams Manager & Office Co-ordinator
Markus Ribeiro
Teacher of Portuguese
Katerina Velliki
Teacher of Greek
Nicky Yeeles
Teacher of English
Pete Gibson
Principal and Director of Studies
Sally German
Senior teacher
Shaun Duncan
Accommodation and Welfare Officer
Stefanie Weller
Teacher of German
Kamila Zielinska
Teacher of Polish
Veronica Mastrandrea
Teacher of Italian
Véronique Morgan