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Italian History of Art Workshop: An afternoon to discover one of the most important museums in the world: The Uffizi Gallery in Florence. With a fascinating virtual tour you will explore the masterpieces of this astonishing collection: from Giotto to Caravaggio through the gems of the Renaissance. Irene Ottonello (MA in Art History) will be your personal guide in this journey which will give you the keys to better understand Italy and its endless artistic tradition. No prior knowledge required. The workshop will be held in Italian and some English (if this is required by students). 

Join us for a pizza at Al Bacio after the workshop to put your speaking skills into practice and mingle with other participants!

Testimonials from students: Thank you for your feedback!

I really liked the Italian History of Art workshop: the topic was very interesting and Irene explained everything in a very clear, professional but at the same time also entertaining way. 

It was really enjoyable, and I really had a good time!

I would definitely join again if you'd organize more of these workshop.

                                                                                Anna Baritussio

We are still busy creating new cultural workshops for all the languages we teach - so keep an eye out on our website!