FAQs on Foreign Language Classes

Where do lessons take place?

2 Queens Avenue, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1SE

Will I need a course book?

Most teachers follow a course book to give an overview of the course structure as well as to enable the student to do some self study at home. The course syllabus which is on the language page will give you the information which course book it is and which chapters you are likely to cover. It's recommended to buy the book, the school provides this for you. The teachers will also supplement the coursebook with their own material. 

Is there parking at the school?

The school has a private parking but it is reserved for staff members. There is parking available after 5pm in nearby roads. 

How quickly will I make progress?

The courses are designed ensuring progression in line with the Common European Framework aiming to complete each level in 2 terms. We appreciate that everyone learns at different speed, therefore we offer a number of other opportunities to learn, e.g. conversation classes and one-to-one tuition.

Is there an exam at the end of the course?

No. The focus of our courses is on improving your ability to communicate in your target language. Our teachers and teaching methods allow students make good progress at their own pace. There is no exam but an Attendance Certificate will be issued at the end of the course stating the level of the course you have completed.

What if I select the wrong level?

The first lesson you attend is diagnostic. Your teacher will assess your level and needs, and make any adjustment necessary to your course schedule. If necessary you can switch to a different level (when available).

Will the teacher translate in English?

Our teachers are trained to maximise your exposure to the target language during your lessons. They will predominantly use the target language and encourage you to do so. The teacher should be able to clarify meaning through teaching aids like pictures and mime. If you still have trouble understanding something then your teacher will help however they can.

Do you offer language courses for business?

Yes, we offer a range of options for business language learners including small group learning, one-to-one tuition and in-company training. All courses cater for business professionals wanting to quickly improve their foreign language ability. Find out more about in-company courses or Make an Enquiry

Do you organise study abroad programmes?

Yes, IH Bristol is part of network with hundreds of International House schools worldwide. We can organise individual and group language study programmes in many different countries for you. Find out more about our Study Abroad programmes or Make an Enquiry