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Our modern foreign language courses are designed for students of all ages, levels and learning styles. The classes we offer suit all levels and are taught in groups, one-to-one or in-company. What distinguish us from other language schools is that our lessons are taught in the target language (no or very little English is used) which we believe is the best way to learn a language and taught by qualified and experienced teachers. 

IH Bristol is part of a worldwide group of more than 150 language schools that are passionate about providing excellence in language courses. With over 25 years' experience, we are sure to deliver a professional service. The school holds accreditations from the British Council as well as EAQUALS.

To self-assess your level, please have a look at the EAQUALS level description here

Term dates 2018:
  • Winter Term 2018: January 8th - May 3rd (Half term break: 12th Feb - 16th Feb; Easter break: 2nd April - 6th April) - SPACES STILL AVAILABLE! DISCOUNT APPLY WHEN BOOKING ONLINE UNTIL 22nd MARCH!                                   CHECK OUT OUR TIMETABLE FOR TERM Jan - May 2018 HERE.
  • 5 week Holiday Course: May 16th - June 20th (Half term break: 28th May - 1st June)
  • Summer Term 2018: July 9th - August 16th (6 week course)
  • Autumn Term 2018: September 3rd - December 20th (Half term break: 29th Oct - 2nd Nov)

    Easter Break 2018: 2nd April - 6th April 

    Bank Holidays 2018: 7th May

    See price list here.

    In order to run a class we need a minimum of 4 students or we will have to cancel the class. 

    All our classes are based at 2 Queens Avenue BS8 1SE. 

    Ways to learn

    Group courses

    • 15-week language courses consisting of a 90 minute lesson per week
    • Cost is £200 for Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese and £230 for Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Welsh, Arabic and English
    • Courses run in the evenings between Monday to Thursday either at 6.15-7.45pm or 8-9.30pm
    • All students receive an IH course level certificate on completion of the course
    • Each lesson will have a useful 'Phrase of the week'
    • Special offers and discounts

    Conversation language classes

    • In Spanish, French, Italian and German
    • Evening classes either at 6.30-7.30pm or 8-9pm between Monday to Thursday
    • Can be booked together with your regular course (£90 for 15 classes) or seperately for £150 or as a drop-in for £10/lesson. 
    • To enrol, please select the language on the menu to the left, click on the 'Conversation Classes' coloured block and then click on 'Enrol Now' next to the conversation class of your choice. Alternatively, if you're also enrolling for a group course you can select an accompanying conversation class on your booking page.


    A1 Level: Monday 8-9pm

    A2/B1: Wednesday 8-9pm


    A1 Level: Wednesday 8-9pm  

    A2/B1: Monday 8-9pm            



    A1 Level: Thursday 8-9pm              

    A2 - B1 Level: Thursday 8-9pm



    A1 Level: Monday 8-9pm          

    A2 - B1 Level: Thursday 8-9pm


    Book club

    15-week book club is run during our regular term times with our qualified teachers.

    Students will work with one reader (most of them including a CD) which is designed for foreign language learners at A2-B1 level.

    Each week you will do some reading at home followed by some reading comprehension and grammar exercises as well as discussion in class.

    This can be booked together with your regular language course (£90 for 15 classes) or separately at £150. Readers will be available for you to purchase at £10 in the beginning of term.

    If interested please send your request to fl@ihbristol.com

    Combo courses

    Combo courses are designed to speed up your learning. By adding a 60 minute conversation class or Book club per week to your regular course, you will have an opportunity to increase your language knowledge and practice what you have learnt.

    Cost is £290 for Spanish, French, Italian and German. 

    Other options

    One-to-one or small group lessons

    • £38 per hour
    • Packages of 10 lessons available with a 5% discount
    • Please check our Price_List or call us for more information
    • We advise booking at least a week in advance

    Study abroad courses

    • Language courses in a foreign country
    • Short and long term
    • 5% discount when booked with us

    In-company courses

    • Very flexible on timings and location, and completely personalised
    • Please email us for details or make an enquiry

    Free Exercises

    Practice your grammar, vocabulary and use of phrases, or answer questions as they will be presented in the Cambridge ESOL exams. You won't find these anywhere else. See our Free Exercises

    Test your English level

    This test will tell you about your English level and what your strong and weak areas are.

    Test your level