Hybrid Lessons

IH Bristol - you want to be here

The pandemic has reminded us that teaching face-to-face is what we love best and that we believe our students love best.

We're in Clifton after all, the most prestigious and vibrant district in a city know for its vibrancy and culture, here's where you want to study.

Any student on an adult course unfortunate enough to have to self-isolate with Covid (current government guidance is 5 days) can continue their lessons by joining remotely. We have a number of classrooms set up with state-of-the-art equipment to help our isolating student remain part of the class.


How does a hybrid lesson work at IH Bristol?

You'll need your laptop or tablet and use of the wifi at your accommodation and you'll need access to email and Zoom.

Your teacher or our director of studies will send you the necessary Zoom link(s) in advance.

During the lesson

  • We use multiple microphones to help you hear as much of the classroom audio as possible, 1 wireless teacher microphone and 2 classroom ceiling microphones
  • We also almost always use multiple cameras (showing you your teacher and/or you classmates) 
  • You will be displayed on the big screen in the classroom