Safety Measures for Face-to-Face Classes & FAQ

IH Bristol is delighted to announce we will be reopening for English summer courses from 3rd August

The safety of our students, staff, hosts and visitors remains paramount and we have introduced the following measures to minimise any risk of infection:

Before travelling

  • During the 5 days before you are due to travel lake your temperature if possible & monitor your sense of taste and smell 
  • Inform IHB of any conditions which are adversely affected by CoVid-19: asthma, for example
  • Inform IHB if you have been or think you may have been in contact with anybody with CoVid-19 in the two weeks before your scheduled arrival in Bristol
  • Send your digital photo & complete your level test online
  • Watch our virtual tour 

At school

  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival at school using a remote thermometer
  • Handwashing is required on arrival; hand sanitizer is provided in every room
  • Masks/visors must be worn throughout the day
  • Masks/visors and gloves (if required) will be provided but feel free to bring your own
  • Social Distancing should be observed: markers will be put on the surface of the carpark, and internal floors.
  • Staff and students must not share their belongings. Students must bring their own pens, pencils and paper to avoid having to use somebody else's
  • Students must only use their own books and booklets
  • Breaktimes will be staggered so not all students are trying to eat at the same time. We encourage students to eat outside if possible.
  • Classrooms will be disinfected between classes 
  • Drinks will be dispensed by the machine in the students' room. Gloves must be worn by those using the machines and the machines are cleaned twice daily
  • All payments (for example for social activities) must be made by card
  • Toilets will be segregated by adults/juniors

In Bristol

  • Social distancing must be observed even if it appears others are not doing so. IHB will keep staff and students up to date with the latest social distancing requirements
  • Bus capacity is much reduced because of social distancing, so class start times in the morning may be adjusted to allow all students to arrive on time.

Good to Go

We're delighted to have been awarded "We're Good to go" status by Visit England - find out more here


What date will classes resume?

IH Bristol never stopped teaching! Our online classes continue to be available but we are also excited to reopen the doors to our school for courses in Bristol on Monday 3rd August.

Will all courses be available?

From 3rd-28th August we will run our Summer Junior Programme, Adult General English and Summer Cambridge Preparation Course in our Bristol school, then all courses will be available in September as planned. See our full range here.

Our online courses are available now and will continue to be once face-to-face classes resume – find out more here

Can I study online before I travel?

Yes! Beginning your course from home is a fantastic way for you to get a head start on your English progress and really make the most of your time in Bristol.

What do I need to prepare?

Please follow our Covid-19 protocol. If you have shown any symptoms, been in contact with someone showing symptoms or have a medical condition that could put you at additional risk (for example asthma) it is imperative that you inform us, even if it means we need to postpone your course. The health and safety of our staff and students is our highest priority

What happens if I need to quarantine?

The UK government has announced that quarantine restrictions on arrival to the UK will be lifted on 10 July for 59 countries. You can check the full list of exempt countries here:

If your country does not appear on this list, or you have transited a country not included on the list within 14 days of your arrival, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival to the UK. You can do so with your host family or in our Liberty Park residence. See “What happens if I get symptoms of Covid-19 after I arrive in Bristol?” below.

How do I get to and from the airport safely?

We can arrange an individual taxi transfer for you as normal. Passengers are required to wear masks and we also recommend wearing gloves for the duration of the journey. Taxis are fully disinfected between journeys. 

Can I travel around Bristol safely?

Yes; social distancing is in effect on all public transport in Bristol. This does mean that there is reduced capacity on buses, so we are staggering the class times to ensure you won’t need to travel at a busy time. We still recommend allowing plenty of time for your journey to school.

What is the cancellation policy?

We know these are uncertain times for everyone, so if you show symptoms or your travel plans are disrupted, you can cancel or postpone your course and accommodation with no penalty.

Please note we cannot take any responsibility for any additional costs incurred (for example, your flights) so we highly recommend you take out full insurance to cover this.

What happens if I get symptoms of Covid-19 before I travel?

Please inform us immediately; we will likely need to postpone your booking however there will be no penalty for this – safety is most important.

What happens if I get symptoms of Covid-19 after I arrive in Bristol?

If you start to show symptoms in school you will be asked to return to your accommodation immediately. You will then need to quarantine for 14 days without exception; our host families and residences are prepared for this. While you are in quarantine you will still be able to learn online with us and meet other students in our online social activities.

Please note that if your period of 14 day quarantine finishes after the end of your course/planned departure date, you must still complete the 14 days (as per the UK ‘Coronavirus Act’) and the cost of extending your accommodation and any other costs incurred (for example your return flight) will be your responsibility.

At the time of writing, all arrivals to the UK are required to quarantine for 14 days. We hope this will change in time for August, but if it doesn't, our accommodation options allow for this as above. 

Do I need insurance?

Yes. Although your course and accommodation with IH Bristol can be postponed or cancelled with no charge, we cannot accept any responsibility for any other costs incurred during your trip. You can find our recommended insurance options here.


*Please note that we are planning for reopening based on all available guidance from the UK government, and should the national situation change we will adapt accordingly for the safety of our students and staff and update this information accordingly.

We are here to help, so should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with us on