Testimonial Wadhha

Wadhha Alazemi, Kuwait

I have been living in Bristol for the past 7 months. I chose Bristol after I searched for safe and beautiful cities. Bristol is a very safe place to live and the people in Bristol are very friendly. I enjoyed the time I spent in this amazing city. I lived with a host family for three weeks. The lady I lived with was very nice and welcoming. I then moved to a flat in Clifton which is a nice neighbourhood. My neighbours were extremely nice and helpful. I took part in two trips with the school. One was to Oxford and the other was to Birmingham. The teachers were very helpful during the trip and I had a great time. Most importantly the English course was very good. When I first arrived my English was very bad. Now I can speak very well and got a good IELTS score. The teachers were very nice and helpful. I recommend IH Bristol for my friends and family.