Testimonial Matthieu

Matthieu Gougeon, France

Hello! My name is Matthieu, I am French and am a student at a Business and Management School in Toulouse.  I had an internship of 15 weeks at IH Bristol.
I am simply thrilled to have lived this incredible experience with members of staff at this school.
During this long internship, my English has improved at high speed thanks to the staff of this fabulous school. They are always listening and are there to help if you are lost or do not understand something. 
It was a great help for my learning of the language of Shakespeare! 
The social program offered by the school is a great idea that allows students from different cultures and nationalities to meet and live wonderful experiences, like learning to surf, taste a traditional English tea, practicing different sports with students, having a barbecue or visiting beautiful towns such as Bath or London. 
I have so many memories of this adventure I will never forget what I’ve lived here. 
This is just a goodbye, promise!