Testimonial Gorka

Gorka, Spain

I would like to thank all International House staff for helping me while I stayed in Bristol for the last four weeks.

First of all, Jake informed about different English courses and answered all the questions very quickly.

Before coming to Bristol, Suzi gave me a lot of details about my host family, how to get from my host family to the school. These type of details give you confidence when you encounter a new experience. She really took care to make me comfortable. She is a lovely women who is attentive to all the students’ needs. I have learnt so much with my host family and will always remember Lucia.

The social program is a wonderful idea to meet new people, It helped me to integrated with schoolmates. Sophie is very friendly and sociable. She has very good skills to manage a big group of people.

I can speak two languages very well. But English is my weakness. However, the teachers helped me to improve my English teaching new expressions and vocabulary. I found the Phrase of the Day very useful.

Joe is a great teacher who seemed to squeeze knowledge out of us like oranges. But his classes are very interesting. He gave me advice about what to visit in Bristol.

Pete is incredible. He makes you feel comfortable in classes and he prepared the classes very well. He encouraged me everyday to continue studying hard to improve my use of English.

Chris is an artist, because at the end of the class the whiteboard looks like a work of art. He writes all the things he has explained in class. At the end of the lesson it helps you to remember everything you have learned.

Sally is very sweet and communicative. I found her classes very entertaining. She can both make the class enjoyable and useful.

Jess is very kind. When I didn’t understand something she had the ability to explain it in different ways for me to understand.

My experience in International House has been great and I would definitely recommend the school for those who want to learn English. I didn’t have time to be bored. You must be very proud of your team. I feel that when things are well done one should say so.

I wish I had more time in Bristol. However, I have to go back to my work. It is not the end of the world, I am sure we will meet again in future.

Remember you have a friend in the Basque Country

Thanks for all.