Top homestay tips for any students coming to Bristol this summer

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Top tips for new students

We have just had our second pair of students from the Guangzhou group. We really enjoyed having them to stay.

As we look forward to hosting more students this summer, here are our top tips for students travelling alone for the first time:

1. Packing light is right
Try and keep your bag only 3/4 full and weighing 5 kg less than the airplane's baggage allowance. If you arrive with a bag that's full and at the maximum weight, you will struggle to pack the souvenirs you buy in Bristol.

2. Plan to wash some clothes while you are here

Even if you are coming for 3 weeks, you only need enough clothes for one week. Your host will let you use the washing machine once a week, so you don't need a 3 week supply of T shirts etc. This saves you taking a load of dirty clothes home to your parents too!

3. Bring a coat

  • In June, July and August you'll need a light coat for summer showers
  • In April, May and September you'll need a medium weight coat for cool mornings and evenings
  • From October to March, bring a warm coat

We look forward to welcoming more students for our 7th season as a host family this summer!

Jonathan and Gail