Students of the Month - September 2021

English Courses

Both students are currently attending face-to-face English classes with us in Bristol. Here's what their teachers had to say about them:


"Imm is from Thailand and has been at International House Bristol since August.  She would like to be a pharmacist in the UK and wanted to live in Bristol for 6 months to study English and see if she liked living here.

Imm likes British culture – especially the fact that everyone queues up here. In Bristol she says everyone is very nice and it feels like a safe city, with a nice landscape. She likes IH Bristol because she can understand all the teachers and she feels her English has improved from when she arrived, and she enjoys the range of social activities at the school.

The teachers chose Imm because she is a dedicated student who always tries hard to understand the new language used in classes. Well done!"


"Álvaro is from Nicaragua and has been studying here since August. He is studying here because he likes the language, wants to improve his English, and sound more British!

He says that he likes the motivation of the staff here as everyone is friendly and they get involved in the classes. He enjoys the social activities and likes the teachers.

Álvaro says Bristol is nice because it is small which makes it easy to move around to different places within the city. He also likes the weather and the people.

The teachers have chosen Álvaro because he works hard in class and tries to recycle new language in lessons. Good job!"

Congratulations to both!

Do you want to join them in Bristol? Travel restrictions continue to ease for the UK and 37 countries have been added to the UK's approved vaccines list. Check if your vaccine qualifies here or contact us for more information