Students of the Month - October 2021

English Courses

Both students are currently attending face-to-face English classes with us in Bristol. Here's what their teachers had to say about them:

"Gaëtan is from Belgium and has been at IH Bristol since September. He is studying English with us to improve his level before returning to continue his studies at University in Belgium.

He says that he likes Bristol because the people here are easy-going and happy to chat with others. The city has many green spaces, a charming harbourside, and many varied activities.

Gaëtan says that he likes the fact that teachers at IH Bristol make classes interesting and interactive, and that they give a real British perspective into the English language and the culture of the UK.

The teachers chose Gaëtan because he is a very hardworking student who puts in the effort to learn and use new pieces of language. He is a very active and sociable student who brightens up the atmosphere of the classroom. Well done!"


"Sophie is from St. Gallen in Switzerland and has been with us for around 3 months. She is studying to take a break from her hectic job as a Head Chef, change her routine, and to open her mind to new ideas and experiences.

Sophie said she feels like part of the family of Bristol and has found it to be a very welcoming city. She said what she’ll miss most is the mentality of the city’s inhabitants.  She enjoys meeting new people from all over the world and likes that at IH Bristol every day is different.  She also said she’s learned a lot about not only her fellow students but herself and own country.

The teachers chose Sophie for her sunny disposition, hardworking attitude, and her perseverance in class.  It’s been wonderful to see her progress over the last few months. Well done!"

Congratulations to both!

Do you want to join them in Bristol? The rules for entering the UK have simplified and now depend on your vaccination status. Check if your vaccine qualifies here or contact us for more information