Students of the Month - January 2022

English Courses

Congratulations to our first students of the month for 2022 - Abdulmajeed and Ladina! Here's what their teachers had to say about them:

"Abdulmajeed is from Al-Qassim in Saudi Arabia and has been with IH Bristol since October. He came to the UK after graduating from university and is studying English with us in order to eventually complete a Master’s in the UK.

He says that he likes everything about Bristol – such as the people and the weather – and the only exception is the buses. He says that at IH Bristol the teachers are perfect, the students are kind and the atmosphere is good.

The teachers chose Majeed because he always works hard in lessons to use the new vocabulary and language that he has picked up. He is working hard to improve his writing as well and always comes to class with a very positive attitude. Well done!"


"Ladina is from Switzerland and has been with IH Bristol since the start of term in January. She is studying English because she is really interested in travelling and studying at university in English. She has really loved the language for a long time and wants to keep going.

She likes a lot about Bristol. She loves how it’s a big city and you can see a lot of the city in a short time. She really likes the people here and says it seems like a community, especially how little businesses and small shops are still intact after the lockdowns.

She likes the relationship between the teachers and the students and how open everyone is at IH Bristol. She really likes the social programme and has been to a lot of the activities. She really likes how you can speak in English in an open environment and meet a lot of people and learn about other cultures at the school.

The teachers chose Ladina because she is a valued member of the school community, and she gets on well with all the students and staff. She takes advantage of all the learning opportunities available to her and she is a pleasure to have in the class."

Are you thinking of studying English in England this year? From 11th February onwards, fully vaccinated arrivals (and Under 18s) to the UK are no longer required to test before or after arrival - making it one of the most 'open' destinations to study English.

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