Students of the Month - February 2021

English Courses

Congratulations Nathalie & Abdulrahman!

Both students are studying English online with us during the current lockdown and have been making excellent progress. Here's what their teachers had to say:

"Nathalie comes from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, and is currently living in Clifton near our school.  She decided to take a career break to work on her English and get a C1 qualification to improve her future job prospects.

Teachers chose Nathalie for her dedication to her studies.  She always pays careful attention to her errors and works hard to review everything she learns in lessons.  She’s recently produced some excellent writing and is on track to do well in her exam.  Her advice to her fellow students is to keep their end goals in mind to help stay motivated.

Nathalie loves the green open spaces of Bristol and enjoys running in the local parks at weekends.  She enjoys her lessons at IH Bristol and said she particularly likes how the teachers are able to tailor the lessons just for her needs.

Well done Nathalie!"

"Abdulrahman is from Kuwait and is studying English in order to go to an English-speaking university in future, where he plans to study electric and electronic engineering. He started studying English in his first year of school and has now been studying in his country for 14 years, but he doesn’t think his teachers helped very much because they gave the whole lesson in Arabic. IH Bristol is his first experience of English classes where English is used all the time. He definitely prefers this!

Abdulrahman attends every class, and usually turns up early; he contributes a lot and even helps other students when they have technical issues. He does a lot of written homework and often interprets the homework tasks in interesting and creative ways. His most recent written work was a set of instructions for how to milk a camel.

The things that he most enjoys about English classes are working with classmates and learning about grammar. He also appreciates the vocabulary that he is learning. Abdulrahman is studying with us until August 2021 so we look forward to seeing a lot more from him over the coming months!"


IH Bristol is teaching online during the current lockdown but we look forward to welcoming students safely back to school soon. You can find out more about our online English courses here, or courses in Bristol here - or contact us directly any time.