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Mixed feelings.

Sometimes people ask you 'How do you feel?'. Here are ten feelings that people often have. You can use one of them to answer the question.

Ten Expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing

  1. happy / contented / delighted
  2. sad / depressed
  3. amused
  4. excited
  5. frightened / afraid / terrified
  6. worried / anxious
  7. tired / sleepy
  8. angry / annoyed
  9. disappointed
  10. bored

How To Use These Phrases In Your English

  1. In 1, most people want to be happy in their lives. We are contented when the situation in our lives is good enough and we are delighted when something very good happens.
  2. In 2, sad is the opposite emotion to happy. People often cry when they are very sad. When people are depressed they feel sad about their lives for a long time. They don't think it will get better.
  3. In 3, we are amused when we see or hear something that is funny. Sometimes we laugh.
  4. In 4, we are excited when something good or interesting has happened or will happen soon. Excited people often have a lot of energy and can't stop moving.
  5. In 5, we are frightened / afraid when we know that we are in a dangerous situation. Terrified is a stronger word.
  6. In 6, we are worried or anxious when we think that something bad is going to happen or maybe we think it has already happened to another person who we care about.
  7. In 7, tired means that you have done a lot of work and you need to rest. If you are sleepy you want to sleep - you are probably yawning a lot.
  8. In 8, we are angry when another person does something bad. When people are very angry, they shout or sometimes do violent things.
  9. In 9, we are disappointed when we expect something to be good but then it is bad.
  10. In 10, we are bored when a situation is not exciting or interesting. People who are bored often have little energy.