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Teacher Training Courses

Which Teacher Training Course is Right for You?

Becoming a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) opens so many doors to new and exciting people and places, to different languages and cultures and to experiences which may change your life forever. Whether you see teaching English as a life-long career choice or simply want to experience first-hand the thrill of being able to enhance the lives of others by giving them the means to communicate with the whole world, TEFL is for you.

International House Bristol is an experienced teacher training centre. When you study with us, you will be able to:

  • experience the busy life of a highly popular, successful and friendly UK Language School in Bristol, mix with our students and see our English training and teaching methods in action
  • learn about our innovative methods by observing our expert TEFL teachers and work with the latest TEFL publications
  • develop a repertoire of fantastic activities that are guaranteed to make your English classes a success

If you are new to teaching or do not yet have a TEFL qualification, our Trinity TESOL Certificate course is perfect for you.

If you have two years experience as a TEFL teacher and wish to further your career, our Trinity TESOL Diploma course is the right choice.

If you are a non-native speaker teacher of English and you are looking to refresh and update your skills, our Foreign Teachers of English course is perfect for you.

Apply now for a TEFL teacher training course that will truly change your life. Call +44 (0)117 909 0911 today.